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Seven Reasons Anna Maria Island Offers Florida's Best Beach Vacation

Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Anna Maria Island, Fla., is a seven-mile island located on the southern edge of Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. For more than 100 years, it has been a favorite beach destination for Floridians. Here are seven reasons why AMI is widely considered Florida Gulf Coast's favorite beach escape:

1. SAND: Anna Maria's powdery white sand is primarily composed of ground quartz eroded from the Appalachian Mountains and washed down into the Gulf of Mexico over several centuries. Unlike the typical white sand that is formed from rocks and seashells, AMI sand is exceedingly soft and a poor conductor of heat. Meaning you're far less likely to suffer foot burn on Anna Maria Island.

2. SMALL BUSINESS: Florida was once the beach getaway capital of America. In time, corporations moved in to take advantage of the flocks beach travelers with roller coasters, luxury resorts and chain restaurants. But on AMI you'll find only privately owned resorts and cottages, no over-processed chain restaurants and shops loaded with funky treasures for the soul.

3. WILDLIFE: The Island is surrounded by many of the most captivating creatures in the sea. From the island piers you're likely to spot dolphins, eagle rays and dozens of sea birds. Don't forget to keep a watchful eye for manatee. The gentle sea cows are heavily populated in the Manatee River that opens to the northeast of Anna Maria Island.

4. ROMANCE: In all of Florida, there is no greater place for lovers than Anna Maria. From secluded cottages, to oceanfront views and empty beaches, romance is abundant.

5. FOOD: National publications such as the New York Times and USA Today have touted AMI beach burger joints Duffy's Tavern and Skinny's among the best in America. Meanwhile fine dining at Beach Bistro and The Waterfront are widely named among the best in the state of Florida.

6. PEOPLE: The local islanders embrace the classic-Florida beach lifestyle. In fact, most of them are travelers who fell so deeply in love with Anna Maria Island that they just never left. You'll find boat parades, fireworks over the water and loads of community events packed with people ready to celebrate this island oasis.

7. PRICE: With beach-front rentals available for less than $1,000 per week, most Americans can book an entire vacation on Anna Maria Island for less than the cost of airfare to Hawaii or the Caribbean. With world-class beaches, exotic wildlife, tremendous food and friendly locals, why pay more when Anna Maria Island has your perfect beach escape for just cents on the dollar?

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island

See The Best Of New Zealand In The Bay Of Islands

Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

As the vibrant heart of New Zealand's travel and tourism industry, Auckland sees more traffic than anywhere else in the country. Auckland Airport is a main connection and stop off for travellers from nearly any part of the world and the city offers plenty for those who choose it as a primary destination. With so much diversity around the North Island, a lot of holidaymakers book from one of the car rentals in Auckland Airport when they arrive to make getting around outside of the city as easy as possible.

With your own vehicle, heading north and seeing some of the beauty in and around the Bay of Islands is incredibly easy. Plan your vacation in one of New Zealand's most exciting regions and enjoy the fishing, sailing and wildlife offered in Northland.

What is the Bay of Islands?

The Bay of Islands is a small inlet, just a three or four hour drive from Auckland Airport, to the north of Whangarei. The area is home to several small towns like Kerikeri and Russel that rests on one of the arms of land that extends into the bay. For a Kiwi experience, the Bay of Islands has pretty much everything you need - gorgeous landscapes, wildlife, native bush, beaches and plenty of ocean.

What is there to do in the Bay of Islands?

Whether you're looking to stay just the weekend or for the week, there are enough activities to keep you occupied.

Fishing is a popular pastime and there are a number of boat charter companies such as Arline Fishing Charters or Earl Grey Fishing Charters who will be happy to take you out on the water. Experienced fishermen will love having somewhere new to cast their line and, if you are new to the sport, ask about taking a couple of lessons on the boat during your day out.

Hiking is an easy way to see the land and stretch your legs. From the 8-hour Cape Brett track to the Marsden Cross track, there's something to suit everybody.

Diving at Paihia with DiveNZ is like entering a whole new world. Their professional guides can teach you the basics or, if you've been in the water before, the Rainbow Warrior dive site is one of the coolest in the country.

Enjoy the best of the country in the Bay of Islands. Explore the local scenery, get out on the water and experience all that a Kiwi holiday has to offer. Book yourself into one of the many accommodation options, find a place to park your rental car after driving up from Auckland and make the Bay of Islands the destination for your holiday in the North Island.

Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

Scuba Diving in the Philippines - 6 Top Spots

Walls, canyons, wrecks and coral gardens can be found in many of the 7000 plus tropical islands which make up the Philippines. There are hundreds of dive centers, some very remote, spread throughout the nation. Philippine sites are famous for the diversity and range of marine life of the small to medium sized variety. They are among the world's best, both for the experienced and novice divers.

The best time to dive in the Philippines is during the months of November through May. The wet season for most of the country is July to September, and should be avoided, as this time corresponds with typhoon season. Beginning in November and ending in May is what is considered the dry season. At this time, the sea becomes flat, calm and a brilliant azure, with incredible visibility especially during April and May.

Here are some of the most sought after dive sites in the Philippines, locations that I consider to be the 6 Top Spots for scuba diving in the Philippines.

1. Apo Island

This is a small volcanic island off the southeastern tip of Negros Island. This site is considered to be the best site in all of the Philippines - the Mother of all dive sites in the Philippines. It is also home of one of the most successful and best - run marine sanctuaries in the Philippines. It is a favorite among divers for its excellent visibility. It is home to big fish, mantas, white tip, hammerhead and whale sharks. However, currents are strong so it is not for a novice beginner.

Apo Island is available by a one hour flight from Manila to Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental, or by a 40 minute flight from Cebu City in the Visayas. Apo Island is about 25 km south of Dumaguete. The departure point to Apo Island, which is only 7 km offshore, is Malatapay Beach. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Apo from Malatapay Beach by way of a charter boat.


This site is a small 13 km peninsula in the Batangas province, easily accessible by car or bus from Manila. This is a very popular weekend dive site due to its close proximity to Manila, but it offers a wide variety of corals and marine life. The most famous dive site in Anilao, and perhaps in the country is Cathedral Rock, a marine sanctuary just offshore the Dive 7000 Resort.

However, for those looking for night life to go with your diving, there is not much to keep you entertained. In recent years, It has been overtaken in popularity by places like Puerto Galera and Alona Beach on Bohol Island. However, for a dive easily accessible to Manila, Anilao is the place to go.

3.Puerto Galera

Located in Mindoro Oriental province, this location not only has some of the most diverse coral reefs and marine life diving, it also is known for its sun, sand and wild nightlife. Diving is king, with drinking coming in a close second. There are many dive options, with plenty of intermediate and beginning dive sites, frequently used for certification purpose, as well as plenty of advanced dive site.

Getting there is by way of a tourist coach (bus) from Manila to Batangas, from which you then catch a ferry to Puerto Galera. The total trip takes about 4 -- 5 hours.


Camiguin is a small volcanic island off the central north coast of Mindanao. Drop it down in the water next to the big island of Hawaii or next to Maui and it wouldn't look out of place. This is due to its imposing volcanic silhouette. It has more volcanoes per square meter than any other island on earth. There is also lots of white sand beaches and hot springs on the island.

Camiguin is accessible by air from both Manila and Cebu City by flying into Cagayan De Oro in Misamis Oriental Province (which is on the North coast of Mindanao). There is now a fast craft ferry service from Cagayan De Oro to Camiguin. There is also a daily boat from Camiguin to Bohol and a Super Shuttle ferry from Camiguin to Cebu every Sunday.

5.Coron Bay

This is one of the most famous dive sites in the Philippines. It is located on Palawan. What makes it so famous are the great number of famous wrecks. Wreck diving is the name of the game at this site. Coron Bay is a world-class destination for wreck diving. The visibility is awesome and the sunken Japanese WWII fleet of ships are known around the world. There are at least 10 of them available to wreck divers.

Coron is accessible by air from Manila by way of Busuanga, and by sea with Superferry and Negros Navigation. Air Phlippines, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express and SEAIR airlines all service Coron.

6.Panglao Island

Located near Cebu City, in the Visayas, is Bohol's Panglao island, where the action is concentrated around Alona Beach. The entire area is full of great dive sites, but the highlight is Balicasag Island, which is 45 minute boat ride from Alona Beach. It has a marine sanctuary, where impressive submarine cliffs drop as deep as 50 meters. Both soft and hard corals can be found around the cliffs. Many diving veterans consider it the best dive site in the country, after the remote reef systems of Apo Reef National park (see 1 above).

Both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have two daily one hour flights between Manila and Tagbilaran, the main city on Bohol. Panglao Island is on the southern side of Bohol, across a short bridge from the Bohol mainland. All the major resort on Panglao has transportation available from Tagbilaran airport to their property. Alternatively, you can catch a cab or a van for hire at the airport.

Apo Island


Puerto Galera

Reasons to Make Cagraray Island Your Next Vacation Destination

Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Why should your next holiday be at Cagraray Island, Albay, Philippines? These 5 excellent reasons highlight the best things that make the island an appealing place to enjoy a vacation.

Wondering why you should be booking your next holiday at Cagraray Island's Misibis Bay resort in Albay, Philippines? Here, are 5 exceptional reasons to pick this exciting new vacation destination instead of the others.

  1. It isn't very well-known yet.
    Cagraray Island has yet to suffer from tourist saturation. As a result, you get the soothing atmosphere you need for utmost relaxation, allowing you to appreciate the tropical scenery to the fullest. The island is a delightful alternative if you wish to avoid being bombarded by the cacophony of noises that often come from the busier and more populated beach destinations. 
  2. It allows you to indulge in numerous water sports.
    With reason 1 already working in your favor, you can bet you can enjoy recreational pursuits to your heart's content at Cagraray Island. Misibis Bay, for example, has an impressive collection of water sports facilities that offer exhilarating activity options, aside from providing luxurious Cagraray Island accommodations. You can go banana boat riding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, Hobie Cat sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle surfing, and scuba diving or snorkeling, just to name a few. 
  3. It is excellent for scuba-diving.
    Cagraray Island is a terrific place to go on an underwater adventure because it is one of the few places where you can see the butanding or whale shark. If you ever end up unlucky with that, however, don't fret, for you'll probably be seeing other aquatic creatures that are just as fascinating. You might even bump into a galleon shipwreck! 
  4. The island lends itself to exciting exploration.
    The island's fascinating terrain of mountainous landscapes and lush forests is just begging to be traversed by curious minds. You can easily head off on an ATV or a dune buggy, or get an aerial view by riding a zipline. 
  5. It is private.
    A visit here will have you enjoying the whole island to yourself, making it the perfect setting for an intimate escape with your loved one. If you happen to be planning a special holiday for two and are still sifting through Cagraray Island resort deals to use, the Romantic Getaway Package of Misibis Bay is worth considering. Applicable to a minimum 2-night stay, the promo treats couples to round trip airport transfers, breakfast, dinner for 2, and use of resort facilities until March 14, 2013. Booking period is from August 4 to 5, 2012 only though, so you better make those reservations at Cagraray Island Misibis Bay resort quick. 

Cagraray Island

Cagraray Island

Recession Hits Majorca Holidays

The holiday island of Majorca has been the jewel in Spain's crown for over thirty years - successfully attracting Europeans, especially from Germany and the UK, but also further afield in recent years as Americans, Canadians, Russians and Australians have discovered for themselves that a holiday in Majorca isn't just plenty of sunshine and good beaches, but a welcoming local people too.

Majorca is an island that is as private or public as a tourist wants it to be, and as cosmpolitan as Magaluf or as quiet and pristine as Deia.

Late and all night parties, budget hotels and cheap flights are all on the same island as some of the best hotels in the world such as La Residencia in Deia, and on the same island that has the all night drinking as cycle trails, mountains and traditional Spanish countryside that makes Majorca special for so many tourists - it has one of the highest numbers of returning holidaymakers among the popular holiday destinations in Europe.

But it is economic circumstances rather than the appeal of the island that could see holidays in Majorca be relegated from the top spot for European vacations, and see Turkey emerge as the new favourite this year.

A combination of a weak pound for British tourists visiting for Majorca holidays where the Euro is used, making a trip some ten per cent more expensive than for the same time last year, and a looming recession for the UK economy has caused both holiday makers and tour operators to look at alternatives outside the Eurozone to offer value for money family holidays this year.

And it's not just Turkey that has benefitted from the Euro's high value as British tourists look elsewhere this year - Florida has seen an upsurge while the pound was buying two dollars, and Egypt too has proved popular.

Map of Majorca

Majorca was one of the first ever holiday destinations in the world to actively market itself, and has successfully been attracting holidaymakers for over a hundred years now, so if it does slip from the number one position it won't be down to lack of experience or committment from the island's tourist authorities.

And low cost airlines from around Europe have enabled Majorca holidays to be more accessible today than ever before, allowing three day as well week and two week holidays to be taken more than once a year for those who rate Majorca as their first choice of holiday destination.

The property market on the island has benefitted too from budget Majorca flights, with low prices and a choice of departure times from regional airports, owning a villa or apartment allows rental income, but also for the owners to enjoy their property on several occasions throughout the year.

There's a diversity about Majorca that enables the island to attract high numbers of holidaymakers for Majorca holiday villas
while at the same time drawing the upmarket tourist and celebrities who can find the peace and quiet they want in wonderful surroundings at the same time that others are enjoying a package holiday deal from one of the major tour operators along with tens of thousands of others in the towns and resorts.

Majorca has hundreds of hotel options to choose from, but probably the best for service, standards and luxury is the La Residencia, which is often quoted in the national newspapers in Europe as one of the best hotels in Majorca. Located in Deia, home village to many celebrities, the hotel offers the best of Majorca, close to both the mountains and the Mediterranean.

It's probably not a question of if Majorca will return as a favourite holidays destination for British, German and other European tourists who make up the vast majority of the island's visitors, but a question of when - and if the Euro slips in strength in the coming months the British could be booking for a holiday in Majorca for 2009.

The Majorca hotels association and tourist board will be hoping the Euro takes a dip just in case holidaymakers like the alternative!



Privacy, Luxury And Natural Island Beauty Only At Villa Seminyak Bali

Counted among the hottest holiday destinations for couples, honeymooners, business travelers and student groups alike, Bali continues to woo in tourists by the truckload. Yet, it manages to retain a certain air of mystery, gracious living and complete privacy special holidaymakers may require without compromising on the authentic Island experience. Got you thinking, did that? Well, the statement's not an oxymoron for those who have experienced the quiet luxury of a villa seminyak Bali holiday property.

Its tastefully done up luxury villas located on the Petitenget Seminyak stretch are some of the best among Bali vacation villas in terms of hospitality, personalized service, fine dining experiences along with loads of social activities on offer, should one feel the need to reconnect with these features.

The high-end feel of the total ambience of a elegantly decorated private villa on the golden, sandy beaches of Bali's best locations is a treat for sore eyes - and those living out a dream-like sequence when enjoying the company of their loved ones in a idyllic setting can assuredly look forward to keeping the fires burning for a long, long time!

The naturally scenic backdrop of a fully equipped, designer villa with the comforts of a hotel, along with discreet but friendly Islander staff and modern conveniences adds up to unique and cherished venue for creating memories that will leave you with a lasting impression, much longer than your actual stay at the top villa seminyak Bali will.

The location in particular, is remarkable not only because it is a trendy part of the Island, but also because the Seminyak area is just a short walk away from Bali's famed golden beaches. Offering a rich variety local and continental flavors at its many restaurants, high-end shopping boutiques and of course, a glimpse of the endless natural bounty of beaches, the decision to lease Bali vacation villas could well be a ticket to Paradise itself!

So, you can rest assured of the perfect, peaceful retreat in your smart choice of a fantastic villa when in Bali's trendiest locale, which is designed to make you forget about any pressures of a demanding lifestyle with its wide range of stylishly appointed single to five bedroom villa properties. With its swaying palms and sultry breezes, this area is undoubtedly the best location for enjoying a long dip at the private pool or going for a glass-bottomed boat ride to view the myriad colors of the varied aquatic life Bali is famed for - by magical, mystical moonlight!

Among the best-rated private villas here, the top ones will have their own garden compound and/or a private swimming pool, not to mention handpicked locals as support staff to cater to your every wish. So, for that unparalleled sense of privacy, serenity, luxury and for experiencing natural Island beauty at its best, choose your Bali vacation villas from the most reputed resort properties on the Seminyak stretch.

seminyak villas 

seminyak villas

Play The Best Golf Game Of Your Life In The Fota Island Golf Club

Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Playing the best golf game requires skills and practice. However, there is one thing that you should also consider in order to play a magnificent golf game. This is to play in a very relaxing environment where you can concentrate on your golf swing with professional-like skills and accuracy.

Besides, if you play in a golf course beside a busy freeway with noisy vehicles passing by, you will lose concentration and will result in ruining your golf swing. It is true that there are golf clubs located all over the world. However, few of these golf clubs have high quality standards to bring the best out in your game.

One such place that you can definitely concentrate on playing golf and at the same time relax is the Fota Island Golf Club. Located in Cork Harbour, which is only a few minutes drive from Cork City, Fota Island is a world renowned golf club that offers the one of the best golf courses in Europe. A golf vacation here would truly be worthwhile.

Firstly, Fota Island Golf Club is a very traditional golf course. It is a sister property of Mount Juliet and both is known to maintain the highest standards in golfing to ensure golfing enjoyment the whole year.

Fota Island Golf Club lies in the heart of a 780 acre estate integrated with good quality woodlands and landscape that will surely make every golfer want to play every single day. This golf course is comprised of a challenging par 71 championship course in the traditional mode. It has pot bunkers and undulating putting surfaces to meet the challenge of every golfer around the world.

Golf was first played in Fota Island in 1886. And, during those times, it was continually developed and became one of the premier locations in golfing. In 1993, Fota Island Golf Club was further developed by Christy OConnor Jr. (Irish Ryder Cup), and Peter McEvoy (two-time English Amateur Champion).

Fota Island is considered as essentially a resort course and hosts a number of tournaments which includes the Irish Club Professional Championship. Fota Island was then purchased by the Killeen Group (owners of Mt. Juliet Resort in Kilkenny). Since then, developments have started to take place and the course has been upgraded to European Tour standards.

In November 2004, Fota Island Golf Club was purchased by the Fleming Group. The Fleming Group also improved the course by renovating some of the holes and also maintained the greens and reseeded the trees surrounding the golf course. Today, the Fleming Group has already invested in the construction of hotel and residential developments in Fota Island to complement the golf course.

With a magnificent course plan, Fota Island Golf Club definitely lives up to its name as one of the best golf destinations in the world.

The Fota Island Clubhouse has all the amenities that you can ever ask for. Inside, you will find that the clubhouse is more like a first-class hotel instead of a conventional golf clubhouse. On the first floor, you will see an informal bar and the reception area. Upstairs you will see a fully seated restaurant that serves only the highest quality meals with the highest and freshest quality Irish produce.

Other amenities you will find in Fota Island Golf Club will include locker rooms, and a fully stocked pro shop with products in the highest professional standards.

Fota Island Golf Club is definitely the place to be if you are looking for the best quality golfing experience. So, if you plan on going on a golfing vacation, you should consider going to Fota Island Golf Club.

Fota Island

fota island golf club

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